Reward-Change ETA date: 28 Jun 2020 12:20:29

The Next Okcash block staking/mining reward changes on block number 2,526,285.
The yearly coin percentage reward will change from 2.5% to 22% yearly over the staked coins.

Coin Market cap (worldwide rank):0
Actual Staking/Mining Percentage:2.50 % / Year
Total OK coins in circulation:75,183,054
Total OK coins to ever be produced:105,000,000
Percentage of total OK coins mined:71.6029%
Total OK coins left to mine:29,816,946
Total OK coins left to mine until next blockhalf:134,348
Approximate OK coins generated per day:5,143
Bitcoin price (USD):$ 0.0000
OK price (BTC):฿ 0.00000000
OK price (USD):$ 0.0000
Market capitalization (USD):$0.00
Okcash inflation rate per annum:2.50%
Okcash inflation rate per annum at next block change event:22%
Okcash inflation per day (USD):$0
Okcash inflation until next blockhalf event based on current price (USD):$0
Total blocks:2,492,698
Blocks until mining reward is halved:33,587
Approximate block generation time:72 seconds
Approximate blocks generated per day:1285.7142857143

Bitcoin Block Halving Countdown